The solution allows you to exchange electronic documents between contractors through electronic document management EDI operators, such as SKB Kontur, Korus, Taskom, Tensor, UC GIS, Edisoft and E-COM; generate invoices, acts and waybills in electronic form; sign documents using EDS; ensure the legal significance of electronic documents.

Immediately after installing the solution, it becomes possible to perform the following tasks directly in the SAP system:

View electronic documents received from counterparties in the queue of incoming documents
Sign documents or reject documents indicating the reason for refusal
Accept invoices or request corrective invoices stating the reason for the request
Sign and send formalized electronic documents to counterparties from the queue of outgoing documents (invoices, TORG-12 invoices and acts in the FTS format)
Sign and send non-formalized electronic documents (documents in any format) to counterparties from the queue of outgoing documents with or without a request for a signature
Perform bulk signing and sending to counterparties of generated electronic documents from the queue of outgoing documents
Track the status of each sent document: document delivered, awaiting signature, signed or rejected
View related documents in queues. Sort documents in the queue by document batches
Generate and send EIs from a test transaction

Full integration of the solution with the SAP system makes sending electronic documents as easy as printing paper documents, and, among other things, makes it possible to track the status of sent documents directly from the SAP applications where they were generated.


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