Our services when using DFS solutions

Our services when using DFS solutions

An integrated approach for your business
Our technological consulting includes the stages from pre-project inspection to putting the system into productive operation. 


We offer consulting to clients operating SAP ERP and interested in expanding its functionality in terms of electronic document management.

Our clients can be enterprises of any industry. After all, working with electronic documents is a relatively small area from the point of view of the entire SAP system, but every enterprise has workflow processes of varying complexity. And very often there is room for improvement.

For example, almost always a document path begins or ends outside the SAP system. At the points where paper or electronic documents from the outside enter SAP ERP or leave the system, there are congestions — there the automatic process is interrupted by manual labor. It happens that in order to perform certain operations on files and document images, you have to leave SAP ERP — again there is a congestion.

We know how to overcome such difficulties, to make the workflow integral and error-free, to save time and effort.

Our consulting includes the stages from pre-project inspection to putting the system into productive operation, including:

  • Preparation of a functional project, which will describe the business process that best suits the needs of your company;
  • Development of a technical project, which will describe in detail the actions that need to be performed in the systems of your enterprise;
  • Installing software and making customizations in SAP ERP;
  • Training for key users and administrators of SAP systems;
  • Adaptation of software documentation for your project.

When consulting, we always strive to involve the employees of the client enterprise as much as possible in the process, so that later they can not only work effectively with the system built on DFS solutions, but also independently develop and modify it.


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