Docflow Best Practice

Company number one on the creation on the SAP platform of various systems of electronic document management and electronic archives.


Leaders of sells

Today, the company’s catalog contains over 30 software solutions, which are successfully used by more than 50 clients of the company in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Hundreds of projects

Behind our shoulders — hundreds completed projects. We do projects for state corporations and large industrial holdings.

Key partner

We are a key partner of the SAP company. Company Docflow Best Practice works with the leaders of the Russian IT market and with the best solutions: ABBYY, SKB Kontur, Korus, Taskom, Tensor, UTs GIS, Edisoft, E-COM and many others.


Docflow Best Practice

image_1Management of electronic documents on the SAP platform

Company Docflow Best Practice was founded in 2006, and since its inception has focused all its efforts on a single direction — solutions for managing electronic documents and business processes on the SAP platform. It sounds simple, but, as usual, the devil lurks in the details: how many projects quietly came to naught due to inattention, it would seem, to insignificant details! Thanks to such a narrow specialization, we have managed to create software products that take into account the smallest nuances of interaction between SAP components and external systems, subtle features of practice and legislation, unspoken and sometimes not yet realized customer needs. Of course, in addition to focusing on the subject, deep knowledge of SAP technologies was needed: the founder and CEO of the company Olga Zolotova worked as a consultant in SAP CIS for more than 13 years, other key employees of the company are also real professionals in their field.

Now the potential of the specific niche occupied by Docflow Best Practice in the Russian part of the SAP ecosystem is almost completely revealed by us: developments cover the entire range of document flow processes, where the power of the SAP platform can be used, and for any, even the most exotic, interaction scheme, we have a set of ready-made solutions. But we still keep our finger on the pulse of the industry, responding with new products and updated versions to emerging needs and trends.

«The fundamental principle of the company is close cooperation with customers who implement our solutions. This allows us to quickly respond to the needs of our customers and promptly expand the functionality of the proposed products and solutions. This approach is the key to successful implementations and high customer satisfaction with our solutions.»

Olga Zolotova

Thinking about new things, we do not forget about what has already been done and is working. Our company provides a full cycle of development, testing and support of its solutions for different versions of SAP. For these purposes, we have installed over 30 SAP systems. We also have a support service that Docflow Best Practice clients can contact in case of problems using DFS solutions. As part of our support, we provide our customers with both updates to current versions and new versions of solutions.

However, as they say, it is better to see once. Therefore, we always have a demo stand ready with the latest versions of DFS solutions. Showing functionality live in a SAP system convinces better than words and brochures. See how DFS solutions actually work — just call or email us to schedule a demo.