Our services when using DFS solutions

Our services when using DFS solutions

An integrated approach for your business
Our courses are aimed at professionals familiar with the basic functionality of SAP ERP who are planning to start or are already involved in supporting and implementing DFS solutions. 


We are very interested in the fact that after training a specialist can maintain and develop the system independently. This gives us more time for our core business — developing DFS solutions.

Studying in our company takes place in the form of live communication and is more like the joint work of a small group of colleagues than classes in the classroom. The courses are not taught by special teachers, but by the developers and «implementers» of DFS solutions. Therefore, our main focus is not on presentations, but on practical examples and tasks. This allows us to make sure the material is firmly understood.

Together with the «cadets», we carefully work out ways to bypass all kinds of difficulties and subtleties of settings. We show you how to expand the functionality of DFS solutions, develop your own modules, cards, routes. As a result, trained professionals know how to deal with both a specific problem and an internal project. In the words of a famous parable, we give our students both a fish and a fishing rod.

Even more — these specialists themselves become trainers for their colleagues and users.

The program and schedule of training are compiled individually. To schedule a lesson, please call or email us.


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