Technology partners


German company, manufacturer of software for organizations.

Content AI

A Russian company that develops solutions in the field of text recognition, document classification and natural language processing for large businesses, government organizations and private clients.

SKB Kontur

Russian company-developer of software for electronic document management, accounting and enterprise management.


Sber group of companies, integrator, developer of digital services for automating a wide range of business processes of legal entities.


The company specializes in the development, implementation and maintenance of electronic document management systems that ensure the exchange of confidential information, protected by electronic digital signature and cryptographic information protection system, via communication channels.


The Russian company is a specialized communications operator of legally significant document flow, a software developer for sending reports to state regulatory authorities of the Russian Federation, as well as for the exchange of primary accounting documents between organizations.


It is a Russian accredited IT company, system integrator, b2b services developer and electronic document management operator.


International developer of SaaS services and Enterprise solutions for B2B and B2G interaction.


Leading system integrator of solutions and operator of services related to electronic signature technologies and secure electronic document management.