DFS WEB Portal — large-scale update of web-solutions                                                                                     

DFS WEB Portal — large-scale
update of web-solutions

May 17, 2023

Dear clients and partners!
We are glad to announce that we are carrying out a large-scale modernization of our web solutions.
All solutions to be installed outside the SAP system will not depend on Windows OS, they will be micro-services united under a common interface.

What will users get when they upgrade?

— Support for installing the portal on open source operating systems, including UNIX-like systems.
— The solution uses components from the Russian Software Registry and Mintsifra databases.
— An improved solution using modern technologies.
— Increased productivity of all processes.
— Efficient thread parallelization.
— Cluster architecture — increased fault tolerance, system scalability.
— A single window for managing all functionality.
— Simplified product updates and maintenance.

What functionality will be available on the portal?

— Exchange of electronic document management with all major operators.
— Exchange of electronic bills of lading.
— Legally significant signing of an EDF, including using a machine-readable power of attorney.
— Request, formation, installation, replication of certificates.
— Formation, affixing stamps, watermarks on documents.


We also note that all products of the updated portal will be registered in the register of Russian software.



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