We highly appreciate the quality of software products and consulting services provided by Docflow Best Practice, we express our gratitude to the company for a successful project, for a caring attitude to their work and for striving to achieve the highest results.
The company employs real professionals who have unique knowledge and experience, responsibly approach the tasks assigned to them and try to create not only a fully functional, but also convenient for end-users’ work.

Zoya Yanina, Representative of Kia Motors Rus, /wp-content/files_mf/Отзыв_Киа11042013.pdf

Docflow Best Practice took an active part in the project to create a Unified Automated Document Management System (EADS) at Russian Railways. The employees of the company showed a deep interest in the successful implementation of the EASD, quickly and efficiently solved the tasks assigned to them, promptly expanded the standard functionality of Docflow Solutions in order to fully meet the customer’s requirements.
We highly appreciate the quality of Docflow Solutions software by Docflow Best Practice and plan to continue our cooperation.

Oleg Latushkin, Director of TRANSINFORM FL JSC "Russian Railways", /wp-content/files_mf/Отзыв_РЖД_22092009.pdf

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