Users of this solution will be able to exchange transport documents electronically in the SAP system and reduce the time required to process documents for the transportation of goods.

The solution includes the exchange of the following documents between the shipper, the transport company and the consignee:

Bill of lading with the titles of counterparties — ETrN
Forwarding receipt — ER
Assignment to the forwarder — PE


The installation of the solution makes it possible to process incoming transport documents in the SAP system:

View the queue of incoming documents received from counterparties
Form, sign and send reciprocal titles of documents, including their mass processing
Search and form a register of documents with the actualization of the signing status in real time
Unload workflow for reporting
Confirm business transactions in the SAP system with an electronic transport document, using links between system and electronic documents


Shipper’s incoming documents queue


Integration of the solution with customer processes in the SAP system adds functionality for outbound electronic transport documents:

Automatic generation of documents from system data
Bulk signing and sending documents
Tracking the status of sent documents from SAP applications


Shipper’s outgoing documents queue


Solution DFS TRN Solution lends itself to easy adaptation and development, in accordance with growing business demands and legal requirements.